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X-Ray Glass

Radiation Shielding (X-Ray) Glass

As SCHOTT AG’s Approved Processor for Australasia, NZ Fire Doors also carries stock of SCHOTT RD50 Radiation Shielding Glass in the following grades:

  • SCHOTT RD50 1.6mm Pb Equivalent
  • SCHOTT RD50 2.2mm Pb Equivalent
  • Max sheet size - 2400 mm x 1100 mm

Each piece is hand cut and finished to SCHOTT specification and discreetly branded to ISO Standard with a Glaspec etch mark for traceability and is supplied with a certificate of conformity.

Radiation shielding glass is not Safety Glass, so if in a zone requiring safety glass it must be treated with a safety film such as 3M SH7CLARL. This can be applied in our factory, but is better applied in situ to minimize handling damage.

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