Apartments & hotels

Solid core non-fire rated and fire-rated entrance doors are our bread and butter at NZ Fire Doors. We have the capacity to supply however many doors you need. We also understand the requirement for acoustic performance in apartment and hotel environments.  Decorative finishes can be applied to match your architect's vision.

doors for hotels and restaurants
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Double-acting doors

Designed for hotel areas that require a fire and smoke door set that opens in either direction, our versatile interior double acting fire door set can be made to match other architectural features with the application of a specified veneer or overlay (laminate, vinyl or steel) to the faces. Inlay panels or planted detail can also be affixed on request, to suit heritage buildings.

fire doors for nz hotel sector
fire doors for NZ hotels and motels

Hotel doors

The hotel developments we work with have specific requirements. These include fire doors for hotel rooms and suites, double-swing doors with steel or timber frames for kitchens, and veneered or laminated door sets with aluminium edge details that can withstand the wear and tear of constant use in high traffic areas.

"Our designer came up with the window openings that connected the living and working spaces, allowing a sense of space beyond, whilst still maintaining privacy. When the builder made the trim openings too small  NZFD brought together a fire engineer, the architect and the builder to create a custom solution which achieved the original design intent.  "

Lisa Baggaley, Director of Kings Recruitment.